Supporting the Regina Prostate Assessment Center in Saskatchewan

De Haar Hair Restoration partnered with the Hospitals of Regina Foundation in 2023 donating to the Prostate Assessment Center located at the Pasqua Hospital in Regina, Saskatchewan.


Since 1987, donors and community partners have been at the heart of the Hospitals of Regina Foundation, donating more than $230 million for Regina’s three hospitals – Pasqua Hospital, Regina General Hospital and Wascana Rehabilitation Centre.


Two Prostate Assessment Centers were established in Regina (2009) and Saskatoon (2013) as part of the Saskatchewan Prostate Assessment Pathway that was developed to support men and their families in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.

The pathway includes a standardized patient care process, prostate assessment centers in both Regina and Saskatoon and ensures timely, evidence-based care. Primary care providers can refer patients directly to either center, where nurse navigators will help support patients, provide information on tests and treatment options, and facilitate patients’ journey from assessment to diagnosis and treatment.

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer diagnosed in North American men, other than skin cancer. One of every seven men will develop prostate cancer during his lifetime. The exact cause is unknown. However, genetic, nutritional, hormonal and environmental factors appear to play a role in its development. Prostate cancer may be relatively slow growing, but it can also be more aggressive with a tendency to spread (metastasize) to the lymph nodes, bones or other parts of the body. Early detection is important and it is accomplished through the
screening of the Prostate Antigen (PSA) levels in the blood and by a Digital Rectal Examination. A primary care provider can provide these two screening tests and refer directly to the Prostate Assessment Centers requesting a prostate biopsy to confirm the diagnosis of prostate cancer.


Dr. Bea Gerbrands chose to support the Prostate Assessment Centre in Regina by De Haar Hair Restoration, given her special interest in assisting men with male pattern baldness that ties into prostate health.


Some research studies suggest a connection between male pattern baldness and prostate cancer. More research however is needed to confirm the association between male pattern baldness and prostate cancer risk.


Information was provided by the Saskatchewan Health Authority and Hospitals of Regina Foundation.

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