Non-Surgical Before and After

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Non-Surgical Before and Afters

Welcome to our Before and After gallery, a testament to the transformative power of non-surgical hair restoration performed by Dr. Bea Gerbrands. Each image tells a unique story of change and renewed confidence, highlighting the significant progress our patients have made in their journey towards fuller, healthier hair. These non-surgical procedures are not only less invasive, but they also allow for more personalization, ensuring results that look natural and authentic.

The procedures performed by Dr. Bea and showcased here encapsulate the art and science of hair restoration. They stand as proof of her expertise, dedication, and the depth of her understanding in tailoring the most effective treatment plans for her patients. As you navigate through these before and after photos, we hope they inspire you and reassure you that with the right care and guidance, restoring your hair’s vitality is entirely achievable.