Female Hairline Lowering

Female Hairline Lowering

Approximately 20% of women are born with a natural high hairline and a forehead that appears to be large. A high forehead is often deemed to be a more masculine trait and therefore some women with a high forehead may feel less feminine, self-conscious or unattractive and spend a
lifetime compensating with different hairstyles.

Hairline lowering transplantation is a popular procedure used to feminize a woman’s facial features by creating the appearance of a smaller forehead. The newly created hairline is usually
shaped to create more rounded temporal corners, enhancing youthfulness. By lowering the hairline, a balance is achieved between various parts of the face, increasing beauty and attractiveness.

Hairline lowering hair transplantation is one of the hair transplant services offered at De Haar Hair Restoration. In our experience, women who have had their hairlines restored often say they feel
more attractive and self confident.

“Experiencing hair restoration has been a journey back to my true self. It reignited a spark of
confidence and joy in my life.”

– Cindy Sourier