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Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) - De Haar Hair Restoration

Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT)

Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT)

Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT), also referred to as “photobiomodulation,” “hair-laser” or “red light therapy,” was discovered in the late 1960’s. LLLT was approved for the treatment of male and female androgenetic alopecia by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2007, followed by Health Canada in 2011.

Clinical studies show that LLLT treatments consisting of exposing the scalp to the appropriate light source and light strength for a minimum of three times per week, stimulate new hair growth with measurable results at the four-month mark. These results include greater terminal hair density and hair diameter.

Why LLLT works is unclear, but this therapy is thought to stimulate hair follicle stem cells, accelerate cell growth and increase cellular metabolism. LLLT has been found to promote tissue repair and healing, reduce inflammation and improve blood supply and oxygenation to the scalp and hair follicles.

Hair growth results vary depending on the initial degree of follicular loss. Where follicles are viable but not in optimum condition, remarkable results can be seen as the newly revived hair follicles start to function more optimally again.

Whether used by itself or in conjunction with hair transplantation, pharmaceuticalor regenerative treatments, LLLT has been shown to be safe, effective andconvenient when used to improve the quality and the quantity of the hair.

LLLT is not advised if you have been diagnosed with skin cancer of the scalp,head or neck.

LLLT devices are sold in various strengths with variable results. Please contact De Haar Hair Restoration for more information about the use and purchase of a medical grade LLLT device for at-home use, or to schedule an in-office hair laser treatment.