Testimonials 2

Saad K

Dr. Bea is amazing! She truly pays attention to my problems and takes the time to develop a personalised treatment plan, which is what I like most about her. If a treatment or product is appropriate for you, she will solely recommend it. She genuinely cares about her clients!

Elise H

My hair was falling out at an incredible rate. Luckily I came across Dr Gerbrands who provided me with a treatment plan. She was very professional and patient taking time to answer all my questions. I have been following her treatment for over three months now and not only has my hair stopped falling out, but it is growing in thicker than ever. I am thrilled with the results and highly recommend her. Thank you Dr Gerbrands for giving me my confidence back.

Kate F

Dr Bea is excellent in her field. Extremely knowledgeable and provided an consultation for our son whereby he felt confident in the treatment plan. I would highly recommend Dr Bea for any of your hair restoration needs. She is the best!

Angela S

My 20 year old daughter experienced drastic hair loss two years and a half years ago. I am talking to the point it looked shaved 3 inches above the base of her skull, an inch up from her ears and distinct receding hairline. She was referred to dermatologist who did some blood work, prescribed and anti-fungal shampoo and told her to take iron. This did not help at all. In February 2022 I was fortunate to have discovered Dr. Bea Gebrands not only performa hair transplantation but also focuses her practice on treating hair growth issues. Dr. Gebrands did a thorough medical assessment of my daughter to understand the root cause of her hair loss. She took time to explain the hair growth phases and treatment options in a very comprehensive way. It wasn’t that my daughter could not grow hair it just decided to fall out at a very early stage of the growth phase. I am thrilled to report that my daughters confidence is steadily restoring as the treatment plan has been very effective.

Karen B

I had a consultation with Dr Gebrands and found her highly professional and approachable.She diagnosed the cause of my hair loss, and in following her treatment protocol, my hair has regrown.I am very pleased and recommend her!

Julie T

Dr. Gerbrands is the most caring professional who has a such a passion and incredible knowledge base in this specialty. She is simply amazing.

Leslie Ciz

Dr Bea is amazing and has the highest standards for her patients. She is extremely knowledgeable and I highly recommend her hair resortation services.

Noemi P

Dr Bea is more than a good doctor. She is sincere and is always after whats best for you. You can’t go wrong with Dr Bea.

Stacey M

Great experience. Dr Gerbrands is very knowledgeable and kind. Grateful for the help we are getting.

John P

I’m happy that i found this clinic very professional people and kind, thanks to Dr Bea highly recommended.

Bledi M

The best doctor in Canada thanks for the help for my hair problem.

Thanks Dr Bea