Renie Blechinger

I have been losing my hair since the age of about 30 years old.  I started the research for a solution about nine months ago and spoke to a number of different hair restoration establishments locally here in Saskatchewan and with each one of them I just could not find the “vibe” I needed to trust someone with a procedure such as this. I decided that if I was serious and wanted it to be done properly, I would need to leave the country…that was until I had my first appointment with Dr. Bea at De Haar Hair Restoration.

I had my first appointment with Dr Bea roughly one month prior to my scheduled procedure appointment and from the moment I walked into the office I knew I was in good hands.  Both Dr. Bea and her staff are very professional and very discrete (if discrete is what you are looking for) right from the planning stage directly through your procedure day and the after care during your recovery.

During the planning stage appointment we decided on everything, from the procedure I wanted right down to what I would like for lunch during the procedure appointment. The day I had my procedure went without any issues or delays, Dr Bea and her staff worked hard to make sure I was comfortable and explained each step as they made progress to the final transplant. 

Honestly recovery was a breeze. Like any surgical procedure you will have some pain and swelling, but both are very manageable…I took the week off after the procedure but could have easily worked the next day. It’s been roughly two weeks since the big day and I have fully recovered and even the hairs have already started to grow.

After saying all of this, I want you to know that this has been my honest experience with Dr Bea and her staff, if you are contemplating hair restoration you would truly benefit from making an appointment to at least discuss your options.


All the best Renie Blechinger