Impact of Perms, Blowouts, Dye & Heat on Hair

 Permanent hair styling can lead to hair damage due to the loss of the chemical bonds that maintain the shape of the hair. Permanent styling formulations are alkaline and it is the release of free sulphur from the hair proteins that gives off a foul odour during the process. So whether straight or curly hair […]

The Link between Stress and Hair Loss

 Shedding hair is natural, and more hair is shed at certain times of the year. However, internal and external stressors can result in large fall out of hair which can lead to significant distress and concern. There seems to be a link between stress and how it changes hair follicle biochemistry.  Hair follicles on the […]

 Hair Thinning and Hair Loss in Men

 Male pattern hair loss also known as male balding or androgenetic alopecia is the most common type of hair loss in healthy men. The condition is characterized by the gradual thinning and loss of the thick and shiny hairs on the scalp following a characteristic pattern. Male pattern hair loss is considered an inheritable disorder. […]

Cancer treatments and their relationship with Hair Loss

 Hair loss involving the whole scalp can develop as a consequence of taking cancer treatments or by ingesting other toxic products or medications. The medical terminology for this type of hair loss is Anagen Effluvium. The onset of hair loss in these cases is rapid and individuals who start taking these medications can literally pull […]